Cleansing/Rejuvenation ProgramLokahi Garden Sanctuary

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary Cleansing/Rejuvenation Program

Fasting, juicing, selective eating, and herbal teas are all age-old remedies for the purification and restoration of body, mind, and soul. At Lokahi Garden Sanctuary we offer customized cleansing and rejuvenation programs designed to fit the needs of each individual. The pure, clean air and natural beauty of Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, a 10 acre organic farm and botanical sanctuary sets the stage for the holistic program in which your body, mind, emotions, and spirit will be honored as you detoxify and rejuvenate.

At Lokahi Garden Sanctuary we prepare food fresh and organic from our farm and local sources. The medicinal herbs used are freshly harvested. The vitality of food fresh harvested from our garden and immediately prepared to eat or drink is startlingly different from the food picked days (even weeks) before eating. Bursting with the energy of sunshine, rain, and living organic soil, you and your body will enjoy being nurtured by the vibrant, fresh food.

Your relationship with food and nourishment is a primary focus. Our program allows you to assess your past and current relationships with food, choose what you wish to have in your life, and practice how to implement a new, healthy approach to eating. You can choose to learn a wide range of ways to be involved with food as your health partner, like growing, gathering, and preparing your own food.

We facilitate your physical cleansing/rejuvenation through

  • how and what you eat and drink
  • movement and exercise
  • hydrotherapy
  • skin cleansing (dry brush massage and herbal exfoliation)
  • massage
  • deep ocean salt water cleansing

The cleansing/rejuvenation of the mind is facilitated by:

  • journaling and meditation
  • introduction to clear, compassionate communication with your self (inner communication) and with others (intercommunication). 

We facilitate emotional cleansing and expression through

  • coached counseling
  • energy work
  • art
Your spiritual cleansing/rejuvenation is facilitated by connecting with nature, ceremony, and celebration.

As a result of your customized detoxification/rejuvenation program you will feel and look your best. From your radiant skin, sweet breath, and clear eyes, to your abundant energy, enhanced basic functions, and clear and peaceful mind, you will be radiating health! And you can take all of this, as well as your healthier lifestyle and your new strategies for self-love and communication out into the world!

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is a working organic farm and tropical botanical sanctuary located on 10 lush acres in historic North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. The majestic ocean views, sweeping green landscapes, and fresh air have shaped our healing philosophy. Direct experience with the living and healing earth is an essential component of your detoxification/rejuvenation, and our programs are purposefully set up to allow you to discover your own way of connecting with the earth. Whether you choose to help tend the vegetable and medicinal herb gardens, interact with our farm animals, walk in the tropical forests, swim in the Pacific Ocean, go on outdoor adventures, or just sit quietly on the earth and gaze up at the sky, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary provides a multitude of earth-centered healing opportunities.

Please contact us for further details of length of program and cost.