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Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, a premier travel destination, offers residential wellness programs, vacation rentals, day programs (such as farm tours), and hosting of weddings and cultural events. Located on 10 lush acres in the historic North Kohala district of the Big Island of Hawaii, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary (LGS) is a tropical botanical paradise, working sustainable organic farm, elegant estate and retreat center. It is the perfect eco-friendly setting to experience the over the top beauty and tranquility for which Hawaii is known.

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary combines both our commitments of living in harmony (Lokahi) with the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit and creating opportunities to experience an intimate relationship with the Aina (Earth), yourself, your companions and the Hawaiian people and culture. Our organic farm, garden sanctuary and elegant custom-built home were created in that same spirit of Lokahi (harmony and balance within and without). Whether you come for a relaxing vacation, an extended stay wellness retreat, farm tour and farm to table lunch, or to celebrate your wedding, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is dedicated to providing you a memorable experience.

Your hosts Dr. Richard Liebmann ND and Natalie Young MSW LMT, a dynamic husband and wife team, offer expert guidance to make your dream vacation come true and/or design a retreat that meets your deepest needs.

Residential Programs

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary offers 5 Residential Programs, Hawaiian Couples Adventure, Wellness, Cleansing/Rejuvenation, Hawaiian Adventure, and Private Retreat. Lokahi Garden Sanctuary has been offering its Residential Programs for 10 years with great success. Our past clients affirm the profound and lasting effects are possible during these extended stay programs.

Day Programs

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary offers a variety of day programs for both visitors and residents alike. Lokahi Garden Sanctuary offers regularly scheduled farm tours, a medicinal plant walk with plant -enhanced healing spa and massage treatments by appointment, customized day-long getaways and special day programs that are highlighted on our events calendar. A Farm to Table meal is an option for all Lokahi Garden Sanctuary Day Programs.

Vacation Rental/Farm Stays

Looking for a unique vacation destination that combines the the best that Hawaii has to offer? Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is a travel destination providing lodging and so much more. The perfect setting for friends and family to gather and experience life Hawaiian style. With resort caliber amenities available as well as farm fresh produce delivered to your kitchen Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is the place to make memories that will linger on.

World Adventure Travel

Join Richard and Natalie, the founders of Lokahi Garden Sanctuary on Adventure Travel to exotic destinations. Richard and Natalie have been leaders of group travel for over 25 years. They now have 3 trips they regularly lead, one to Patagonia and the other 2 to Tuscany.

Work Exchange Farm Program

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary's work exchange farm program affords a great opportunity for those wishing to gain a direct experience of working on the land. Volunteers assist in maintaining the 10 acres of sanctuary forest, trails, and vegetable and medicinal herb gardens.


Have you dreamed of getting married in Hawaii? You can fulfill this dream in a unique Hawaii island setting for your special day at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. The majestic ocean views with the island of Maui in all its glory , sweeping green landscapes, romantic sunsets and fresh clean air reflect the spirit of joy of celebrating your marriage in a breathtakingly beautiful place.

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