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Lokahi Garden Sanctuary’s work exchange farm program affords a great opportunity for those wishing to gain a direct experience of working on the land. Volunteers assist in maintaining the 10 acres of sanctuary forest, trails, and vegetable and medicinal herb gardens. Specifically, work involves tending the gardens, tree planting, landscaping, plant nursery work, building/construction, and caring for animals. Supervision and training by the hosts and farm management staff plus occasional classes support the hands on learning. You are expected to work 30 hours per week. The volunteers will be tent camping (bring your own tent with a good rain fly) and will have use of a full bathroom. Volunteers prepare meals in the group kitchen utilizing the organic fruits and veggies available on the farm.

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is a short walk into Hawi town where there is live music several nights a week. Volunteers are invited to explore the Big Island on their own , with each other and/or their hosts. Some adventure options for volunteers can include kayaking, snorkeling with dolphins, turtles and humpback whales, learning to surf, and hiking to a black sand beach. Dance and movement is also available (hula, pilates, yoga, qi qong, african dance, improvisational and ecstatic dance etc.).

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary accepts up to 3 volunteers at a time. We require at least a 3 month commitment with a two-week trial period.

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“Lokahi Farms is a vibrant healing place. Here I feel physically and spiritually nourished, intellectually challenged, and emotionally supported. The owners, Natalie and Richard, are so knowledgeable on a number of healing arts and the atmosphere is a perfect balance of work and fun. My boyfriend, Marlon, and I really wanted to do our homework before picking a farm. On Oahu, we were disappointed in the atmosphere at our previous farm. That was the driving force to make sure that we picked a healthy environment for ourselves on the Big Island. And we did!” – Emily Thornbury, Kingfisher, OK

Awesome healing family
invites you to come.
Lokahi means harmony.

Haiku by Marlon Miller, Chapel Hill, NC

“The first day they took me surfing. Day two: hula dancing. My tent is set up next to a labyrinth. Each morning I am invited to participate in a Qi Gong, Pilates, or yoga class. I get to nurture plants from seed, plant trees, and learn about all varieties of vegetables, flowers, and medicinal plants. Surrounded by vibrant and abundant life, my hosts and coworkers share with me their amazing experiences, while we create one together. There is a magic to this place; if you long to breath fresh air, experience balanced and healthy living, and play in the dirt, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is the place for you”. – Caroline Killian, Providence, RI

“Thank you for welcoming me into your home and community at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. It has been wonderful to get my hands back into the soil, learning new plants, and organic gardening methods as well as learning from so many aspects of sustainable living. Your kindness, generousity and love have been so nuturing for me, combined with your years of study and practice in the healing arts and sciences. You offer incredibe value to your clients and service to the community.” – Grace Wicks, Philadelphia, PA

“After a one long day’s work at Lokahi Gardens last summer, I sat in a hammock hung in the Koa trees near the labyrinth and thought: ‘If I could contain this one moment for the rest of my life, I might be able to get through anything.’ Though it’s only contained in my memory, it’s still a visceral reminder of a moment of complete balance. The amazing spiritual presence of the Big Island and the pristine location of Lokahi Gardens (view of the ocean, Maui, sunsets over Kahaolawe…) is an amazing combination. I found the Hawi community very welcoming, the farm/garden-work challenging but fulfilling (Richard is very energetic!), the organic food totally satisfying (greens every day!), and the air unbelievably clean. I had opportunities to join Natalie and Richard in swimming, snorkeling, meeting many interesting people from the area, and visiting other parts of the coast. Don’t expect a huge farm or a big group of interns, as my experience was fairly low-key. The garden is medium-sized and the fruit/nut trees are still young. If you’re interested in that stage of farming, you will probably learn a lot. You also really must enjoy the wind and sleeping close to nature to live in North Kohala, and hopefully you are self-motivated, independent and willing to be open and giving. But I think that’s what WWOOFing should be about. I learned a lot about myself WWOOFing in Hawaii and absolutely recommend Lokahi Gardens.” – Fawn Ward

“The astounding biodiversity of the Big Island, the unlimited opportunities for learning and adventure, and the warm spirit of Aloha made interning at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary an unbeatable experience. Great things happen in a place where devising an irrigation system, fertilizing the arboretum, or tending the garden never gets in the way of good surf or an end-of-the-day swim with the turtles. I am so glad to have been a part of this important project and to have gained a great deal of practical knowledge in the process.” – Rob Templeton

“As soon as I arrived at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary I knew it was going to be an amazing internship. The impressive variety of trees and plants on the property backdropped by breaching humpback whales and a panoramic view of the island Maui made Lokahi Garden Sanctuary a very special place. Richard and Natalie were welcoming and introduced me to a wonderful community of people and shared gems of local knowledge of the island. I left this experience with many new skills and memories that will last a lifetime.” – Hilary Sawicky

“Indeed, the natural magic of Hawaii weaves itself throughout the landscape and vistas of Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, and one could learn volumes from the wisdom of the flora cultivated there. But the hidden jewel of this destination is the community created by Richard and Natalie. In their own unique way, they instantly connected with me, welcomed me into their lives, and by the end of my internship, had become two of the most inspiring people I had ever met. My time with them was unforgettable — filled with joy, creativity, compassion, non-stop learning and hundreds of belly laughs! I can say with absolute certainty that my internship was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.” – Kim Nagy, Austin, TX

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