Private Retreat

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary


Need time to yourself? To slow down, to disconnect from the electronic world and reconnect with the natural world; to nurture yourself. The LGS Private Retreat provides the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and settle into a slow pace surrounded by the incredible beauty and power of Nature.

LGS takes care of the basics, providing you lodging and nutritious meals. The setting where Nature is ever present in the wind, sky, ocean, in the chirping of birds, the fragrance of plants, in the magnificent display of billions of stars in the so dark night sky. So many people living in modern society are afflicted by Nature Deficit Disorder. An LGS private retreat is the perfect solution to this disorder and affords you the chance to befriend yourself.

The details:

Lodging and nutritious meals are provided.

Wellness protocols (ie. Bodywork, Counseling, Fitness Class) are available on a a la carte basis.

Please contact us for further details of length of program and cost.

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