Wellness ProgramLokahi Garden Sanctuary

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary Wellness Program is the ultimate Hawaiian health vacation designed for those searching for new strategies on their journey of wellness, wholeness and vitality. With joyfulness and fun, reconnect with your authentic self through the magic and power of the Big Island of Hawaii and in the safe embrace of Lokahi Garden Sanctuary.

Dr. Richard Liebmann and Natalie K. Young, husband and wife, invite you to live with them in their beautiful custom home on sacred land overlooking the blue Pacific ocean with views of the island of Maui. This home and ten acre botanical gardens on the Big Island of Hawaii were built and nurtured by Richard and Natalie. Richard and Natalie are dedicated to stewarding the Earth and empowering people to live in harmony with themselves, the earth and other people. Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is the perfect setting to receive guidance and support to open your unlimited potential, to discover, to learn, to nourish and to challenge yourself to be the best you can be. You will be welcomed in the spirit of Aloha (meaning you will be accepted, valued and appreciated).

The Wellness Program is suited for people who are have a desire to live a healthy, joyful life-style. The amazing natural beauty of this land and the surrounding ocean, the cultural richness, the botanical abundance and the spiritual nature of the island is the perfect environment for your journey to enhanced wellness. This island environment, your own inner wisdom, Richard's and Natalie's expertise and open-heartedness, combined with a staff who are dedicated and practiced in living vibrantly, will be your teachers.

You and your total wellness, rejuvenation and empowerment are the sole focus of your hosts Richard and Natalie during your stay at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. We work with one client (as an individual, with a partner, or with your family) at a time. Dr. Liebmann, Ms. Young and the affiliated staff work together with you to evaluate your current health status and wellness goals. We then design a personalized wellness program uniquely suited to your needs. Richard and Natalie coordinate the varied aspects of your health enhancement experience.

Program Protocols

Components of your experience include:
  • Assessment
    Prior to your arrival an assessment of your current health status and goals will be compiled. This includes a medical history, lifestyle, fitness and nutritional profiles, and, if indicated, a metabolic workup.
  • Evaluation
    Upon your arrival, you will meet with Dr. Liebmann and Ms. Young to decide which other wellness professionals you would like on the team to complete your health evaluation.
  • Creation of Healing Plan
    After your assessment and evaluation you and your health team will create your own individualized wellness program.
  • Implementation
    Live your wellness program at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary coordinated by your hosts Dr. Richard Liebmann and Natalie Young.
  • Follow-Up
    Upon resuming your daily life, follow up will include regular check-ins and continued support.
An example day of one persons wellness program activities. (Each persons days are unique. Activities are scheduled in accordance with your personal needs and preferences) Wake up to Tea and Meditation
Movement- Yoga, Qigong or Pilates
Earth Centered experience- tend the garden, walk the Medicine Wheel 
Hike into Polulu Valley 
After Lunch- take time for rest and rejuvenation, journal writing, etc. 
Treatment, Lomi Lomi massage and/or spa treatment
Ocean swim, surf or kayak, or beach walk
Inspirational talk story Hawaiian style


All activities/modalities are tailored specifically for you. Dr. Liebmann and Ms. Young offer the gifts and expertise of guiding you on inner and outer adventures that may include:
  • Outdoor Adventure
    Swimming, Snorkeling, Gardening, Surfing, Kayaking, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Bicycling, Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking.
  • Wholistic Nutrition
    Organic Gardening, Culinary Arts, Plant Medicine Making, Fasting, Intestinal Cleansing, Juicing, and Nutritional Supplementation.
  • Body Work
    Lomi-Lomi, Myofascial Trigger PointRelease, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Integrative, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Spa Treatments
  • Movement Pilates, Yoga, Qi Qong, Dance
  • Mind Fitness
    Meditation, Compassionate Communication, Listening Partnerships, and Stress Management
  • Creativity
    Creative Dance, Art and Music
  • Naturopathic Medicine
    Encompassing a wide range of natural therapies including botanical medicine
The affiliated staff are available as team members and may offer the following:
  • Hawaiian Cultural and Health Practices including Hooponopono, Laau Lapaau and Hula
  • Allopathic Medicine (conventional)
  • Acupuncture
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Intravenous Vitamin Therapy
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis
  • Emotional Release
  • Grief Counseling
The price of a Lokahi Wellness Program is $300 to $600 per day.  Please contact us for further details.


Rev. Altonette Hawkins

My experience at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary exceeded my expectations. It was worth the long flight to get there and arriving in pain only to leave pain free, mentally and emotionally stable in my conviction to the program designed for me and a positive outlook on my life and what the future may hold for me. I am so appreciative of the time spent one on one with Dr. Liebmann for consultations and follow up, with Natalie Young for bodywork, movement classes, and coaching/counseling was most beneficial in reinforcing of what I was to learn. I have learned how to start my day with meditation to still the mind and be at peace and in the moment. So many of us do not appreciate the now we are always looking ahead to the next meeting, next hour, next day, next month, next year without being thankful for todays blessings and the newness of life that comes from God our creator and sustainer. My experience has been a mountain top experience with exposure to proper eating, organic foods, exercise, the Hawaiian culture, and the people in this wonderful community and awesome island called the Big island. There are not enough words in the vocabulary to adequately describe my experience. It was wonderful! However there is the flip side, the valley or wilderness experience that must be prepared for as I return home with goals that may be challenged. I am complete just as I am. I deserve to have nothing less than everything that is good for me. That is the greatest lesson learned which will take me far in reaching my goal of self-care.

Cassandra Menard

My heart, which has widened even more, is brimming with gratitude and deep appreciation for my extraordinary healing time here at Lokahi - a blessed spot indeed - for its kind, wise custodians and its bountiful nature. Thank you, thank you.  It has been a rich, raw and real time, confronting, embracing and accepting where my body and spirit is now. Through your guidance, compassion, unfailing attention and amazing range of skills and experience, I have felt safe and able to fully dive into the recesses of my body/mind and discover more about myself and how I have become who I am. It has been transformational - whereby major shifts have occurred and my journey now continues to realign on the ongoing quest for wholeness. It was truly shap-shifting!!!  Oh what food, views, smells, dogs, rituals, laughs - depth and philosophical talks and the wind...The wind - its wildness has swept me away on a perfumed cloud – ready for anything and yet newly gentle with this new found me.


The holistic program at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary was the most memorable experience to me. I went there looking to find a space that could calm my life pain. Just staying there already made me happy. Dr. Richard and Natalie were the warmest hosts. Their place was beautiful and relaxing. The ocean view from the terrace was amazing. I enjoyed my stay so much that I didn't want to leave. The counseling and exercise programs were terrific. I loved Dr. Richard's cooking. Everything was fresh from their organic garden. I also enjoyed the Big Island nature and people. They were so genuine and authentic. I wish I could have done more excursions. I will definitely go back. The program definitely helped me work on my personal issues and create the path of my life. I was so happy that I decided to be there and work with both Dr. Richard and Natalie. If you want a place for your holistic healing, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is highly recommended!  


I had been on my journey of self discovery and healing for nearly 20 years and had made progress but had come to a point of feeling stuck. I knew I needed more and was searching for a personal retreat when I came upon the Lokahi Garden Sanctuary website. The program sounded perfect and almost too good to be true. I took a chance and it was the most important step toward self discovery and healing that I have made in my life. Both Richard and Natalie are compassionate, accepting and dedicated practitioners. Natalie's counseling helped me reach deep inside to purge the old hurts that have brought me pain all my life. Her massage and great food prepared by chef Richard and harvested from their organic farm help heal my body. Richard's background as a Naturopathic Physician and his vast knowledge of nutrition set me on the right path to improved nutritional wellness. Warning: You have to drink the green drink with a spoon! Whether it was snorkeling the crystal waters of the Pacific, hiking the gorges and valleys or participating in a sunrise ceremony at the world's most active volcano, I found peace and strength in the sacred and spiritual nature of Hawaii. Best of all, I was sent home with tools and connections in my community to continue my healing journey. If you are looking for a fun and custom made program in which to explore your inner spiritual, physical, and emotional landscape, I highly recommend Lokahi Garden Sanctuary.


My flame was barely flickering. I felt I had no fuel to keep the light going. I was scared it would extinguish and my flame had never failed me before. I felt my flamed might be refueled when I discovered Lokahi Garden sanctuary. Upon arriving at LGS we were shown to our lovely room... the Sanctuary Lodge is a most peaceful and lovely space looking out to the ocean and Maui in the distance.---the feeling of contentment was so prevalent. My journey began. Daily meditation lead by Richard with the opportunity to talk about my experience in my meditation. Practicing the meditation daily has given me a very valuable tool to manage my anxiety and help me stay more focused. Daily Pilates and Qigong "wake up your body exercises" with Natalie was wonderful. Natalie has the gift to make one feel at ease with whatever level you are. I felt so comfortable with her gentle encouragement and kind approach to assuring I was in the best position for each exercise. The counseling with Natalie was such a pleasant surprise. I was quite scared and nervous about the first counseling session. But discovered the process of release/discharge was comfortable. I felt so much clarity about the issues I had wanted to work on/through. Natalie has such a beautiful, compassionate, and loving way of carefully nudging one to think with her questions and feedback. I love her quiet gentle strength. I felt completely supported in her presence. The food was excellent. I felt Richard's flexibility in his approach to providing healthy, visually appealing meals. I so appreciated the nutritional teaching and advise for long term health and weight loss as a serious goal. I loved that we could see the food come out of the garden, prepared and served---50 feet from farm to table. The outdoor adventures were such a bonus that I never expected. I felt invigorated, renewed and had the most amazing water experiences. The hikes pushed me and I felt so good. The beach adventures awesome, one of my favorite places to be. The sunrise ceremony in Hilo Bay was so moving. I loved my walks with Richard too. So at this point my "tank" has been refueled. I feel whole again, my flame is on fire. I will always be grateful for the angel(s) who led me to Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. But more importantly to the tender loving care of Richard and Natalie whose gifts are abundant and used to help those of us in need. Thank you both for your commitment to the human spirit. 2014 Update Thinking of you both and feeling much gratitude for the healing time I had with you both. After 3 years the experience and transformation remains with me everyday, filling me with peace, love and joy.


For me, Hawaii is a magical and powerful place. There is a peacefulness that I immediately felt when I arrived at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. During my stay, the Wellness Program held that same magical and powerful connection. Richard and Natalie harmoniously combined their talents to guide me through my healing process at my own pace, offering support and encouragement every step of the way. With their insight and being surrounded in the beauty that is Hawaii , I was finally able to find the real me.

Meditation-- Not ever having participated in any meditation before, this had to be one of the most difficult but enlightening activities. To focus on my breath and nothing else was very challenging but eventually rewarding. This is one aspect of the program that I can incorporate into my life back home, so I can have time to myself and let it all go, if only for a little while.

Movement-- I thought I was physically fit already, but the Pilates kicked my butt. It was fun and I realize that there are other muscles in my body that I have neglected for a ling time and need more attention. Natalie did a great job in describing the different moves . I am definitely motivated to invest time and effort to take better care of my body in this way.

Bodywork-- Amazing! Soo relaxing and very professional, yet I could feel the energy Natalie puts into each massage had.

Counseling-- This was huge. This is what I came here for. Not knowing how to cope with all the grief, pain, and anger, the counseling and support has been so pivotal in my healing process. Both Richard and Natalie listened to me and responded with such compassion and understanding when I didn't even know what I wanted or needed. I learned so much about myself and how strong I really am and can be on my own terms not because people told me to be. I learned how to forgive myself and realize I need to be more gentle with myself and not to sweat the small stuff. I am starting to learn how to communicate and listen, hoping this is a new beginning with my relationship with my sons. I am committed to myself, to letting people know the real Karen... because that is the person I always knew was inside me.

Outdoor adventures-- these have been absolutely fantastic and over the top. I so appreciate the beauty of Hawaii whether it is the landscape on the people. The comfortable peacefulness of the Big Island and especially the tropical Pacific Ocean reaches out to me like no other place I have been. Hawaii's natural beauty has captured my heart and soul. The ocean experiences gp beyond anything I can compare. Magical. Exciting. Breathtaking. Unique. Alive. My ceremony at the Kilauea Volcano was transformative, a deep connection to myself and my loved ones. The sensation of flying was so powerful, the image so clear. I was always remember that day and my feelings.

Food and Lodging-- I really enjoyed the different food that were prepared. Some I never would have tried on my own. Every meal was delicious and colorful. And to have much of what I was eating having come from the organic vegetable garden made it even more appealing. The setting at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary was wonderful with the ocean and Maui as a backdrop. Your home is magnificent! And to have a view of the ocean every morning when I woke up was spectacular! My room was the perfect sanctuary for me affording me privacy, yet still being connected and feeling a part of your extended family.  


Working in the field of medicine can be exciting and rewarding as well as high pressured and stressful. I often ask myself how do I balance my life so that I provide well financially for myself and my family and have time for my own health and well-being? Time honored wisdom tells us that healthy relationships with our loved ones, fun, feelings of connection with spirit, exercise and good nutrition are the basic ingredients to health and happiness in life. I want to share with you an opportunity I had with my family to experience and learn how to bring all of those things into our life. It came about through the ultimate Hawaiian wellness vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. My wife and I along with our two young children are so happy to have experienced this wellness vacation.

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is located in North Kohala. This glorious ten acre botanical sanctuary and organic farm has a beautiful custom built home, barn, and labyrinth as well as a 180 degree view of the ocean and the island of Maui. Hammocks, swings and walking paths on the property beaconed us to relax and play. Some benefits of this program included feeling happier and healthier, having fun, eating delicious, healthy, nourishing food, sharpening communication and parenting skills, reawakening the love in our marriage, becoming more empowered and more appreciated by myself and others.

Please contact us for further details.