Journey to Tuscany and Umbria

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Journey to Tuscany and Umbria

May 27 – June 7, 2023

Come and join us, Natalie and Richard, on this exciting Journey to Tuscany and Umbria. Imagine strolling on the streets of ancient hill towns, inhaling the intoxicating aromas of the profusion of colorful wildflowers, imbibing the freshest perfectly prepared foods and spirits for which this part of the world is renowned.

We will be homebased at Villa Certano, a short drive from the walled city of ancient and charming Siena. This 600 year old villa and its surrounding olive orchards and grape vineyards from which olive oil and wine are bottled is the perfect place from which to explore the neighboring Tuscan towns (Volterra, San Gimignano, Montepulciano) and the bucolic countryside. In springtime flowers, especially roses, are everywhere, scent wafting through the air. We will take the waters, soaking in ancient hot pools supplied by natural thermal springs.

Our next stop on our journey is Assisi, the spiritual center of Italy. Walk through the deep forested mountains where St. Francis and his disciples lived the simple life.

Our next and last stop is Firenze (Florence), the home of the Renaissance and birthplace of the western modern world. All of Florence is imbued with the best of the human spirit. From the masterpieces of art and sculpture, to the food and markets, Florence delightfully overwhelms the senses. Enjoy some of the best people watching anywhere in the world.


Registration for Journey to the Tuscany and Umbria is $3900 and includes 11 nights lodging, transportation within Italy including transfers from the airport, entrance and activity fees, instruction, most meals (2 to 3 meals will be ‘on your own’), and double occupancy lodging (please inquire for single rates). An initial payment of $500 confirms your place. The second payment of $1,700 is due by November 30, 2022. The final payment of $1,700 is due by March 31, 2023. Deposits/payments are neither refundable nor transferable. We strongly recommend purchasing trip insurance in case you need to cancel for medical reasons. Make checks payable to Lokahi Garden Sanctuary and mail to PO Box 32 Hawi, HI 96719. Questions: (808) 987-7501 or

Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended that you get travel insurance when traveling to foreign countries. We suggest you check out Purchasing travel insurance is recommended in case you get sick, must cancel the journey, or experience loss or injury while traveling. Since all payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable travel insurance protects you.

Highlights of Our Journey


Siena is one of Italy’s loveliest medieval cities. Siena’s heart is its central piazza Il Campo, known worldwide for the famous Palio, a horse race full of pageantry, passion and rivalry among the districts. The Palio first began in the 14th century. Siena is said to have been founded by Senius, son of Remus, one of the two legendary founders of Rome, thus Siena’s emblem is the she-wolf who suckled Remus and Romulus.


Located in the heart of the stunning Tuscany region, the city is surrounded by natural and manmade beauty at every turn. Home to globally-renowned landmarks such as the Duomo Cathedral, the Uffizi, and Michelangelo’s David, Florence offers a journey of discovery and enlightenment — as well as a feast for the senses. Blessed with Medieval architecture and a welcoming ambience, this treasure trove of art and culture will leave an indelible mark on your heart.


As the patron saint of animals and the natural environment, St. Francis’ message of love and sensitivity about the environment and all creatures has a broad and timeless appeal. We will wander and explore the narrow streets of this iconic hill town, where medicinal plants and flowers sprout out of the ancient walls of this Unesco World Heritage site. Pilgrims have been coming to Assisi, Italy since the 13th century to venerate St. Francis, who was born and buried here, but you don’t have to be religious to enjoy the beauty and spiritual power of this town. Framed by the long, undulating hills of Umbria and the forests of Monte Subasio, Assisi is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world and one of Italy’s most spell-binding gems.


Volterra is usually referred to as the Etruscan city and the City of Alabaster. The history of Volterra dates back to the 4th century B.C., when the Etruscans settled in the region. Later the Romans settled in this historical city, and built the Teatro Romano, a well preserved amphitheatre and famous attraction of Volterra. Stroll its narrow lanes and visit the many alabaster workshops.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano, a small walled village is famous for its fascinating medieval architecture and towers that rise above all the other buildings offering an impressive view of the city from the surrounding valley. At the height of its glory, San Gimignano’s patrician families had built around 72 tower-houses as symbols of their wealth and power. Although only 14 have survived, San Gimignano still retains its feudal atmosphere and appearance. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990, San Gimignano offers visitors the chance to step back in time while enjoying its local products including saffron and its white wine, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano.


Standing high atop a hill in southern Tuscany not too far from Siena, Montepulciano is a medieval town of rare beauty. This small medieval town is full of impressive Renaissance architecture, family-owned shops and restaurants, thermal hot springs, and some of Italy’s best red wines.

Your Hosts and Guides

Dr. Richard Liebmann

Richard trained as a Naturopathic Physician, has lived in Hawaii for over 40 years. He is former Executive Director of United Plant Savers and co-founder of Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. Richard has traveled in Italy for over 20 years and has a deep love of the Tuscany countryside.

Natalie Young

Natalie is a dancer extraordinaire, has lived in Hawaii for over 40 years. She co-founded Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, is a certified massage therapist and Lomi-Lomi body worker (ancient Hawaiian healing massage). Natalie is a certified Pilates instructor and gifted group facilitator. She too has traveled in Italy for over 20 years.

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